After a 10 year relationship with a luxury house from France as the production partner for their textile packaging, they reached out to us wanting to explore a collaboration with a skillset that was the domain of our Home division: doing hand rafia work detailing and machine embroidery on their famous monogram fabric.

Having approached us with a requirement of a tolerance level of 1mm, far tighter than the industry standard 1cm tolerance, the DAKS team started re-studying our systems and began implementing a whole list of operational tweaks that resulted in us setting up a whole unit dedicated to the project.

We began by developing new equipment that weren’t readily available in the market, such as QC tables with magnifying glasses in built into them to make sure we could review every thread before shipping out the product. Additionally to ensure stable bonding of the fabrics as was needed, we set up our own heat chambers in-house to avoid sending fabrics marked with client IP into the market. Even in the case of the work being done by our in-house skilled artisans of producing hand rafia flowers, we implemented a process of using CAD to maintain quality and consistency of workmanship.

All-in-all, the whole unit that we designed and developed for this collaboration turned out to be highly successful and has been considered as one the best overseas special projects done by the luxury house. We have continued this association ever since.

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