Working through an importer, Kmart stores offered us a challenging and unconventional project. Broken down into several components, Kmart wanted us to coordinate the logistics and movement of each element of a platter collar denim dress from different countries and regions and then undertake the assembling of the final piece in our factories.

With fabric produced in China, lace from Korea and handmade embroidered flowers coming from South India, it became an undertaking not only within our traffic departments to coordinate manufacturing and shipping of all elements to our factory to arrive at the same time, so as to be loaded onto machines at the same time but also for our merchandising departments to make sure that the color coordination was perfect and matching the exact requirements of the buyer. 

Herein our teams showcased both flexibility and adaptability with merchants flying between countries to coordinate the workflow and traffic department working with teams spread across Asia. Our effort finally resulted in a successful project that more so allowed us to develop a customer relationship that has lasted for many years since.

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