Having got our start in garments over 25 years back, DAKS has made an active effort to diversify category involvement across our 4 primary verticals listed below along with special projects in protective wear and masks.
With dedicated factories and specialized design and development teams to support you through the different categories we are involved in, we have always worked to be the ‘Goldilocks manufacturer’, who can scale up your production requirements as needed, while at the same time making sure that your production process is a flexible human process that recognizes there are people on both sides of any project.
We recognize that production is a personal activity and not a copy-paste model that works the same for all. That may mean that the product you want us to manufacturer would require us to bring together the specializations of  one category with that of another, for example: the handwork embellishments normally used in our home department with the screen printing of our garment teams.
Rather than go out to achieve this, we have built our facilities keeping this idea in mind. This allows us to not only bring in a certain level of flexibility but more important make sure that we can maintain a high quality throughout production.
This idea further finds it way in every aspect of our client relationships- whether it means making a last minute change to the product on the production line or entirely re-designing our production floors to improve efficiency for your product, we are here to support you and find a solution.
We like to believe that’s why we boast such high client retention rates, far exceeding industry averages.

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