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DAKS is made up of a team of world class textile product manufacturers who are passionate to be part of the journey of bringing to life incredible and impactful products. Over 3500 employees strong, our people are the beating heart of our organization.

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Women at Daks

DAKS puts the spotlight on five self made women, tough as titanium, and brilliant as diamonds to inspire us. Join us as we talk to the women at DAKS and understand their experience deeply. We celebrate the diverse strengths and achievements of women from all walks of life, coming together to shatter boundaries and taking control of their lives. By enabling women to up skill and gain their self-reliance and independence, we hope to start a greater movement. One that constantly inspires and drives change. We strive to change perceptions and show how women forge their own paths. May the tribe grow with force so fierce that it obliterates the need to even mark a specific day to celebrate women, because women achieve victories everyday.


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Celebrating Together

Whether a birthday or an auspicious festival, the DAKS family makes sure to celebrate our special days together.

Equality of Faith

Regardless of your beliefs, we believe in equal and fair treatment for all. Human is human.

Women Empowerment

Leading the charge on bringing gender equality into the workspace, DAKS aims to have 50% women workforce by 2022.

Work with Us

We are always looking for passionate, energetic individuals to join our DAKS family. If you are interested in working with some of the most globally impactful organisations as well as creating impact in your own community, connect with us below.

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