Equality is a core tenet of the DAKS value system. In a business environment that is often plagued with prejudices surrounding gender and faith, we believe we can be a powerful platform for social change and that it is our responsibility to further equality for all. We believe that good ethics is good business and so we strive to drive positive social change that improves the lives of our workers. To do this we believe we must be able to address the root causes of social friction that affects the health of the overall community. 

To do so we ensure that all our employees are treated fairly and equally regardless of their belief system. We believe in religious freedom and the right of our employees to affirm their faith in the workplace while maintaining social justice and peace. In a country like India where villages and rural areas are, more often than not deeply afflicted with cultural and religious conflict, we believe we have a responsibility to provide a space that is free from prejudices and affirm this basic human right that is often looked over in India. 

To safeguard our employees’ faiths we maintain the All Faiths wall in our factories. The wall, adorned with religious photographs from each faith proudly displays our respect and belief in the equality of all religions. This wall is maintained in each of our factories. It’s a symbol of DAKS’ secularity and the harmony that exists within the DAKS family. We understand that everyone has a role to play in creating a space of belonging and driving equality in the workplace. We recognize the value of community in shaping culture and strive to ensure that the values of each member of our community are reflected. 

Our values aren’t just words on a page — we learn to live them every day, measure our success, and continuously evolve. Together, we’re on a mission to improve the state of the world. By creating a culture of equality we aren’t just doing the right thing, but also empowering our teams to build deeper connections, innovate and ultimately become a better company.

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