The DAKS Family is comprised of contributors and leaders who share a deep trust in one another and in the organization’s purpose. We have been incredibly intentional about our values, behaviours and the experiences that we deliver – even to our employees. We aim to positively impact the personal lives of our team by taking the time to support one another in both – moments of difficulty and of celebration. 

That’s why we empower our employees to focus on their families, friends, passions, and wellbeing. When our people are healthy and happy, they have the energy, creativity, and drive to do their very best work and continue to transform our industry. A happy family is key to a happy organisation. We take our work seriously, but try not to take ourselves too seriously – and always try to enjoy the ride. 

At DAKS we celebrate every major national holiday and festival in our offices. 

Diwali is celebrated by lighting diyas observing the traditional hawan in our offices. The festival gets its name from the row of clay lamps that are lit outside of homes and to symbolize the inner light that protects us from spiritual darkness. A Christmas party is thrown on Christmas Eve every year where one employee is chosen to dress up as Santa. 

We also celebrate Holi, the popular “festival of spring” or “festival of colours” at our Head Office where members of our team are invited to participate and play with colours. The vibrancy of colours brings a lot of positivity in our lives and is a day worth rejoicing. It is a famous festival celebrated all across India to symbolize the triumph of good over bad. 

We understand that In order to move fast and innovate, our team needs to be in good shape; mentally, physically and emotionally – which is why every year we celebrate all religious and national holidays together with our DAKS Family. 

It’s our sense of fun and family that makes our workplace engaging and employing. These family reunions and celebrations empower our teams to excel and succeed both, inside the workplace and outside of it.

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