DAKS is embracing sustainable practices such as using renewable sources of energy which we believe will ultimately become the norm. Renewable sources of energy are one of the most effective tools we have in our fight against climate change and we need to recognize that. Using renewable sources of energy is one of the most important steps we have taken to achieve our goal of achieving net-zero carbon. The right path in our fight against climate change is to dramatically change how we produce and use electricity. At DAKS, we are aggressively trying to switch our ways and set new standards. DAKS will be running on 100% renewable energy across all our operations by 2025.

Solar Panels

Our organization recognizes that the investment made in solar energy is highly valuable. Factories are among the world’s biggest consumers of energy. Many CEOs around the world have
identified the need for solar panels. As we all strive to change our methods to save our planet, it is vital to recognize the problems plaguing this industry.

We have successfully turned one of our factories into a 100% solar run factory this year. We aim to continue on this journey and turn all our factories into 100% solar run factories by 2025.

Waste Management

We make sure we segregate our industrial solid waste based on glass, metal, plastic, and paper. This allows us to recycle our waste easily.

We have water harvesting facilities so that we can conserve water and use it for other purposes. For us, water harvesting facilities are not an afterthought, but an integral part of planning for each of our factories. This enables us to not adversely impact the groundwater levels.

Our Effluent Treatment Plant system allows us to clean the water being used for various industrial processes. This is done by either directing it into the ground to maintain water levels or reusing it for further production activities in the factory. This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.

The light bulbs in the factories which expire are carefully crushed before being disposed of. This makes the process of recycling more efficient and allows us to have an impact on the environment.

We have devised a solid waste disposal recycling system. This was done to minimize the amount of actual waste produced through careful planning and meticulous execution.

Rainwater Harvesting

The practice of rainwater harvesting first originated in ancient times and has trickled down to the 21st century. The importance of rainwater harvesting is still as prevalent as ever, if not more.
DAKS has been using water harvesting in all our factories for years now. The installation of rainwater harvesting systems is no more an afterthought for us but a necessity. Rainwater is both an
economical and eco-friendly source of water.

We understand the condition our planet is in right now and we recognize that we need to make multiple efforts. This system provides us with many benefits and opportunities to be able to conserve water and be sustainable.

ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)

Water being an imperative asset for our sustainment, conserving water is a necessity in this time.

DAKS has installed Effluent Treatment Plants in all our factories which enables us to do our part in conserving water and in turn conserving human life.

A large part of the water found in nature is contaminated and cannot be used. This prompts the need to treat water properly for it to become reusable, This is especially true for manufacturing industries.

Our Effluent Treatment Plants treat the polluted and contaminated water from the factories before it is released back into nature. This ensures that water can be used for other household purposes and that there is less wastage of an already scarce resource.

CNG Trucks

All our trucks are CNG run trucks, which allows us to save cost as well as save the environment. They have an almost immediate positive impact on the quality of the environment which is necessary for the world.

CNG is a cleaner fuel as it burns cleaner in comparison to petrol and diesel. Statistics show that Carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by approximately 80 per cent when you use CNG.

We believe it is time to switch to cleaner and better alternatives to existing fuels which would not only contribute to the environment but will also be beneficial for organizations.

Piped Natural Gas

We have replaced all conventional steam boilers and a variety of our machinery with PNG based machines, which emit significantly fewer emissions and also consume less power than diesel-based machinery, causing electricity savings to go up to 60%.

PNG is one of the cleanest burning fuels and helps improve the quality of air. When natural gas burns completely, it gives out carbon dioxide and water vapour. These are the very components that we give out while breathing. Low pollution emissions & negligible solid wastes provide for a healthy environment.

Save Water Rally

DAKS India conducts a yearly awareness drive to instill the need of the hour: Water Conservation.

We rally to protect our rivers and protest against the pollution of rivers. This issue is close to our hearts and we aim to spread awareness and change the existing ways for good.

From Delhi to New York, our representatives all over the world create a stir of awareness and actionable steps towards spreading the message on water conservation, scarcity and protection.

Plant A Tree Drive

Planting trees sounds like a relatively easy task, with no advanced technology and minimum cost. Yet, we rarely focus on the activity.

Keeping in mind the astonishing figure and the staggering simplicity of the task, we made sure we do our part for the environment. DAKS conducted a ‘Go Green’ campaign where our factory workers planted trees and were made aware of the effects of climate change in depth.

The ‘Go Green’ initiative takes place every 6 months. We consider this day a celebration and aim to continue the program for years to come.

At DAKS  we are committed to raising awareness and taking mindful steps in our journey of protecting our planet.

Sustainable Materials

The importance of sustainable fabric is recognized by both consumers and manufacturers. Sustainability has become a part of modern life and an important aspect of almost every industry. We must consider our impact on the planet on both an individual and personal level and begin doing our part for the environment.

Sustainable fabrics are quickly becoming a necessity for most people. It is a small initiative everyone can take individually which can have an overall impact on the environment. 

Sustainable fabrics are fabrics that are made from natural or recycled materials. This helps to reduce harm to the environment in several ways such as the production process and fibre properties. Production of such fabrics also helps us to save water and lower our emissions.

DAKS aims to only increase our list of sustainable raw materials used and the quantity of production of sustainable fabrics. We believe that as the awareness of the importance of conserving the planet and choosing eco-friendly alternatives increases, we will have more demand for these sustainable fabrics.

Sustainable Box

For the year 2020, we created a sustainability box that shows our sustainability efforts at a glance. It includes our company profile, sustainability resort and two swatch books which show swatches of all our sustainable materials and fabrics. It showcases our efforts and maps our journey towards
achieving sustainable solutions.

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