Regardless of the style of bag, ranging from complicated camera backpacks, duffles to heavy or simple totes, we have an experienced team and a large range of machinery to cater to any requirement that may need to be fulfilled. 

We cater to one of the fastest growing textile products categories having worked with a range of materials from traditional fabrics such as polyester, nylon, PU leather, leather to more interesting jute, non-tearable paper, and vinyl. 

Additionally our clients have shown further trust in us, allowing us to develop bags using their IP protected monogram fabrics or specially treated materials, a responsibility we take very seriously and a badge of honour we wear on our sleeves. 

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Keeping in mind the role of packaging in the value chain and the quintessential stance brands will have to make towards sustainability and protecting the environment, the DAKS new materials lab established in 2015 has been busy developing new packaging solutions for our partners- ranging from JUCO to washable paper and many more options.


1. German binder machines

2. Derkopedlers

3. French Clicking Machines

4. Foam Inserter

5. Pattern Sewer

6. Leather PU cutting machines

7. Edge coloring facilities

8. Zipper Cutting Machine

9. Polyester Belt Cutting Machine

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