The DAKS Smiley is a symbol of our commitment to work-life integration. It reflects our belief in the health and wellbeing of our family. At DAKS we put our family first. Our family’s wellbeing runs parallel to the wellbeing of our factories as well. It is a reminder to all of our staff, spread across our various factory locations and offices, that it is important to look up and smile. 

Having grown from a simple reminder to be happy to now becoming an identity for the DAKS Family, the Smiley pin has truly been a consistent symbol for DAKS for almost two decades. It can be seen across the floors of our factories as well as on our staff. A Smiley pin can be found adorned on every member of our team right from the factory floor to our head offices. Different colours of the Smiley pin indicate different divisions within the factory. Green smileys are adorned by our workers in the cutting room whereas those in the stitching division can be seen wearing blue Smiley pins. 

Our oldest employees, those that have been a part of our family for more than a decade can be recognised with a silver Smiley. The silver Smiley pin is for those that have weathered storms and achieved milestones since the early days of the company. These are some of the most experienced and informed individuals currently working in India’s textile industry. These are the individuals that are heralding the new generation of human resource and technology into one of the most significant industries of India. 

The Smiley has been a key tenet of the DAKS visual identity. It has been the north star guiding our culture especially during times of global crisis, where the health and safety of all our employees was paramount and it was important for each member to continue to maintain trust with each other and the organisation’s larger purpose. It is symbolic of our commitment to our employees’ happiness and security and is a constant reminder to all our teams across divisions and locations, that we are all part of a singular family that’s working towards a better and sustainable future. 

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