How to Pick The Perfect Partner to Manufacture Your Reusable Bags

Buying personalised reusable bags appears to be a simple process. These bags act as continual reminders of your company and are environmentally friendly. Reusable bags are not only brilliant marketing tools and environmentally friendly, but you must also ensure that they are safe for your clients. Quality and safety are always crucial, but they are especially so when it comes to reusable things that symbolise your business. It should be simple to find secure reusable bags.

Here’s what you should know before you buy your next reusable bag.

Safety First

When it comes to choosing the best reusable bag and manufacturer, there are numerous variables to consider. However, three points stick out that you should inquire about. Let’s have a look at what you need to know to get the ideal manufacturer for your promotional items.

3 Questions To Ask of Any Prospective Reusable Bag Manufacturer

Capacity Report

Inquire about the capacity report. The capacity report indicates that the bag is designed to store a specific amount. The bag is filled with a certain amount of weight during the test to check if it can accommodate a given capacity. The test is repeated numerous times and the results are averaged to ensure accuracy. The capacity report is important because it demonstrates how beneficial the reusable bag is to your clients. Shopping bags must be large enough to complete the job, and this test proves the bags’ effectiveness.

Dynamic Test

The amount of weight that the bag can support is confirmed during the dynamic test. This is significant since it demonstrates the bags’ durability. A reusable promotional product is only effective if it can be used repeatedly. The dynamic test demonstrates that reusable bags can withstand repeated use. Your bags must be strong to be effective. If your bags are poorly constructed and fall apart, it may convey to your clients that you do not value them or their demands. You must request that they show you the results of their dynamic testing.

Toxin Test

Here’s a significant one to inquire about. Toxins can be discovered in a wide range of products, which is why a toxin test is so important. You want the products you provide to your consumers to be safe for them and their families. Knowing that the percentages of components like lead, calcium, and mercury in your promotional materials are within acceptable safety requirements allows you to make safe and informed purchasing selections.

We Have Your Back

All of the capacity, dynamic, and toxicity testing ensure that promotional products are not only well-made but also safe. Because promotional products are an extension of your brand, you must choose items that meet your marketing objectives while also keeping your clients safe.

Going a Step Further

Quality and safety are important, but we go above and beyond by providing certified reusable bags. Our reusable bags have been developed to meet Recycle criteria. This means that bags are made to be used and to last. Again, this is important in terms of making the most use of your marketing budget, but it also sends the proper message to your customers and shows them that you appreciate them. And, while we’re on the subject of safety, reusable bags are perfectly safe to use during COVID.

Trusted Manufacturer

We work hard for all of our customers, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of fantastic clients, including Disney, Walmart, loreal and many others. We also recognise that each client has unique requirements, which is why we provide two ordering options. Our bulk and custom line allows for extensive customisation and can accommodate huge purchases. Our in-stock selection includes pre-made bags that can be swiftly and simply modified with your artwork, allowing you to have your finished reusable bags in hand much faster.


For over a decade, we’ve been assisting customers in creating one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly, long-lasting, and secure reusable bags and promotional items. We also collaborate directly with our factory, which saves us money and time. These savings are passed on to our clients.

We can assist you in creating personalised reusable bags for marketing or retail usage if you want to learn more about the design process or if you are ready to get started!

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