B1 is our first factory to turn 100% solar.
Our aim is to continue on this journey and turn all our factories into 100% solar run factories by 2025.
Factories are among the world’s biggest consumers of energy. Many CEOs around the world have identified the need for solar panels. As we all strive to change our methods to save our planet, it is vital to recognize the problems plaguing this industry.
It is vital for humans to acknowledge that a healthy environment is the foundation for a livable planet and a stable society.
In today’s environment, many organizations are realizing the importance of finding the right balance between financial, social, and environmental priorities,.
Our future generations are in grave danger of living in an almost unlivable planet. Thus, sustainability has become very important for our generation.
To ensure their well-being as well as ours, DAKS has taken several steps to conserve the environment and create a better future for our planet.

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