Cork fabric, also known as cork skin or cork leather, is a high-quality, natural fabric produced from thin cork shavings obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. Much of the production is handcrafted. These thin cork sheets are laminated to a fabric support backing using a specialized proprietary technique. The grade of the license varies depending on the use of the cork fabric.

The cork fabric is extremely long-lasting. The cork fabric is treated with a fabric protection spray to keep it from staining. Cork cloth wears similarly to leather in terms of durability, so it’s commonly referred to as Cork Leather. The key difference between cork and normal leather is that cork leather can become wet and washed in a washing machine with hot water.

Cork fabric is as tough as leather and as adaptable as any other fabric. This material is hypoallergenic, hypoallergenic, water and stain-resistant, and easy to clean and long-lasting. Cork fabric’s revolutionary properties are one-of-a-kind and original.

  • Innovative texture: Cork cloth has a unique texture that gives a unique feel to the touch and the eye. Some people compare it to leather, but nothing in the world compares. Cork fabric comes in a wide range of designs to appeal to people of all ages and tastes.
  • Natural: Derived directly from the cork oak tree’s bark, with physical and chemical qualities that an artificial technique has never duplicated.
  • Ecological: The bark of the cork oak tree can regrow. This allows the tree’s bark (cork) to be removed without inflicting any damage to the tree.
  • Multiple backing support: There are many different types of backings available, ranging from various textiles to paper, cardboard, nylon, and PVC.
  • Stable: Its chemical and physical structure enables it to withstand extreme wear. When exposed to acid, it maintains superior degradation ratings and is virtually impervious to microorganisms.
  • Hypoallergenic: It is resistant to the multiplication of microorganisms such as mites due to exceptionally low surface dust absorption.
  • Waterproof: Cork fabric-based products such as umbrellas, raincoats, clothes, and fashion accessories are possible because of the natural properties of cork, which are supplemented by several particular treatments during the manufacturing process.
  • Dust and dirt repellent: The finished product is completely dust, dirt, and grease repellent, as well as stain-resistant, thanks to a careful coating of the natural surface.

Cork fabric comes in a wide range of natural textures, patterns, and designs and is made with various backing materials according to the intended usage.

Upholstery, apparel, decorative wallpaper, labels, box lining, bookbinding, and other uses are all possible with this fabric.

Cork Fashion Collections are high-performing, elegant, and classy and are made from natural cork textiles. Handbags, sports bags and luggage, wallets and watches, upholstered and reupholstered furniture, apparel, pillows, yoga mats, shoes, painters canvases, and more are among the carefully chosen items.

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