Water Harvesting

A need emphasized by the difficulties faced by our communities in the hot dry summer months, the importance of water is un-ignorable. Apart from rallying for protection of our rivers from New York to New Delhi, DAKS has also set up an in-house water harvesting plant to reduce the load on the environment.

Factory Practices

Good business starts in-house. We are always looking to build further towards carbon neutrality, whether that be:

Switching our stream to be run by Pipe Natural Gas instead of diesel.

Use of Efficient LED Lighting.

Implementing Turbo Exhaust Fans that work on air, without dependence on electricity.

Place server motors on all machines to save every little bit of electricity.

Transport Practices

Whether it be transporting materials between factories and warehouses or even in sending out our shipments, we try to be conscious about the pressure the textile industry places on limited fuels.

Rather than move goods by truck, wherever possible, we opt to use trains. Not only a train able to more efficiently pull a truck load but also maintenance of rail tracks is far cheaper than highways.

Rather than rely on commercial trucks using petrol, we have deployed our own fleet of CNG trucks.

Trees Program

With the program’s inception in 2015, DAKS has committed to planting 1000 trees a year. 

Over 5000 trees strong 🙂

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