Sexual Harassment

One of the unwanted issues in the business setting is sexual harassment in the workplace leading to serious and dangerous repercussions.

Work-related sexual harassment is one of the major concerns of business owners today. Not just the corporate environment, even small-sized businesses, and family-held companies are faced with such issues. Sexual harassment prevention training for employees has become inevitable. In addition to adopting stringent policies, effective training sessions provided by professional HR Training & Consultancy are now a crucial element in business.

To fight the rising workplace harassment complaints and accusations, we provide regular training to our employees provided by skilled and experienced Human Resource Managers. Such training serves several purposes, such as educating the employees, mitigating risk related to legal liability, and meeting legal compliance at the workplace.

Our employees, are trained on what constitutes sexual harassment; how they may report incidents; how investigations are carried out; and what remedies are available to individuals who experience harassment.

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