Designing Package : A Story To Tell

Packaging is much more than just a cover , it is much more than what meets the eye. Plenty of research and reasoning goes into the designing a package as it is more than just a container , it is a marketing strategy. It delivers the message of the brand and just not the information of the content. The packaging of a product is supposed to be elegant , opulent and appealing. Hence the design of the package is essential. 

Packaging is where a brand can get creative and do its best to enhance the image of the brand. A good design can provide a brand the competitive edge. Packaging fulfils various roles such as Identification of the product , Protection of the product , Marketing and Transportation . Potent product packaging will make a distinct place for itself on the shelf. It should be simple and should clearly communicate with the consumers regarding its content and any necessary information. 

Packaging and Storytelling

It should go hand in hand and should deliver a brand’s idea and thoughts. Humans are creatures of habit and tend to go for the same used brands and the renowned one . If you attach a story and emotions to your product , you will be able to make a place in not just their  home but even in their mind. 

Packaging is the first thing a customer can see and first impressions play a vital role and decides the future. It needs to lead the customer on the path of exploration of the beliefs and tale of the brand. Through the use of various textures or colours or scent . The brand can invoke feelings in the consumer. 

You should identify your target audience and your packaging should resonate with them. There should be visuals that explain the product . It should explain what the brand believes in . Consumers respond to an appealing and clever design. 


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