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There are plenty of beach bags available in the market. Beach bag should be bought with the consideration of how it is going to react with the elements present on the beach which are namely : Sand and Water. They should be water and sand resistant for the very least. It should be spacious and at the same time should match the beach vibe . At Daks , we produce beach bags which can be customised as well with materials which are environmentally friendly and will make heads turn. 

The bags need to be big enough to fit everything from your favourite towel and wide-brimmed sun hat to a stack of juicy summer reading, a reusable water bottle, and at least one tube of sunscreen, as well as sunglasses. Thankfully, we have a large selection of capacious totes that will come in handy at the last minute.

Your beach bag should have a zip-closed section that precludes the potential of dirt or water entering the bag through the opening, making it totally waterproof. If the bottom of the bag is made of mesh then sand particles can pass right through and out of mesh-bottomed tote bags . The beach bag should have enough compartments and pockets both inside and outside the bag for more space. Small pockets are perfect for keeping water bottles, keys, cell phones, sunscreen, and other personal stuff. 


. For grocery shopping , it is always better than a plastic bag. A beach classic is a structured, heavy-duty canvas bag. These totes are just as stylish in the city as they are on top of a beach blanket. Going straight from the office to have a walk on the beach ? These bags come in handy and act like a life saviour. You can pack an extra pair of clothes as well. The bag is machine washable and has an interior compartment with a drawstring closure to keep your belongings safe. It is made entirely of recycled materials.

We have boho beach bags which can be your statement piece when you hit the beach the next time. The beach bags are for those who want to purchase sustainable fashion. While these affordable and basic bags are great for carrying not only fresh fruit but also sunscreen bottles, they are ideal for a long day. A beach holiday requires bags that can go from the beach to lunch to shopping, especially if you’re going light. Our bags are fashionable and functional at the same time.


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