Technology has come a long way in simplifying the existence of human beings. But the aftermath of the world’s advances makes sustainability and replenishment of our natural resources the need of the hour. The fashion industry is constantly scouring for fresh ecological alternatives to replace their generic counterparts, and DAKS is amongst the few leading the race in innovation.

DAKS is always looking to diversify and evolve our operations to match peak efficiency, beyond luxury. To tackle the repercussions of our advancements, the global textile industry has recently invented a new form of material, that goes by the name of Juco.

DAKS has concluded that Juco is smart, reliable, versatile and ecological. Here’s how we’re rapidly integrating it into our manufacturing process

Juco is an extremely versatile and increasingly popular ecological alternative to generic fabric. It is a fine blend of Jute (75%) and cotton (25%), hence the name. By procuring the benefits of both materials, juco puts together the best of both worlds. It can be an excellent replacement for cotton or jute bags with a wider range of benefits. Juco brings together the tighter weave of a cotton bag and the durability of a jute bag, resulting in a smooth and soft yet strong and durable fabric, that can bear more detail and intricacy from a printing perspective.

Cotton is a Kharif crop, which requires 6 – 8 weeks to mature

Jute itself is still considered a niche bagging material, so it goes without saying that Juco bags are even less widely known. Many people are still entirely unaware of the fact that such a material exists. However, owing to its durability, affordability and sustainability, industry giants are racing to maximise the utility of Juco. Furthermore, Juco bags make ideal fashion and promotional bags, due to their increased scope for customization and detail.

Presently, DAKS India is developing products using Juco for our Bags and Backpacks division. Our Product Development teams are currently using Juco fabric to make a range of fashion and retails bags including shopping bags, tote bags and wine bags. These bags are an ecological answer to the problem of single-use carrier bags. Juco is sustainable in its cultivation as well as production while still offering higher design value. 

Our Juco is sourced from the fields of Kolkata, where the weather compliments the growing and farming of Jute and Cotton, to be processed into their ecological and more durable counterpart. DAKS lies within the materials processing industry. Hence as part of our worldwide trade & supply, our final products are available in stores across the planet, from soft furnishings, to bags and more. As a manufacturer, our product line extends beyond fashion fabrics. We ensure affordable and sustainable alternatives to generic fabrics are readily available for our clients, to extend our strive towards a cleaner tomorrow. 

The weave of Juco is tighter than that of generic Jute

For this very purpose, the DAKS new materials lab has been conducting intensive R&D since 2015, to explore alternate materials to reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining the luxury quality and standards we are widely known for. We’re constantly repurposing, recycling and exploring novel branches in textile that would not only surpass the limits of design and fashion, but also aid in the preservation of our future. 

By taking the most beneficial characteristics of cotton and jute, Juco extends their capabilities in terms of design, durability and intricacy. Not only does it open up fashion alternatives, but it also provides an actual ecological and sustainable material alternative to synthetics like polyester and nylon. Owing to its enhanced resilience, it has branched out new avenues in design. There now exists a variety of intricacies and modifications that are viable on Juco, and the market is loving it. 

With so much more to explore, Juco is open to vast capabilities, with a clear conscience knowing the environment has been protected every step of the way.

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