At DAKS, we believe that it is people who make a difference. We strive to ensure that the wellbeing, safety and scope for professional excellence is guaranteed at both, our factory floors as well as offices. 

DAKS Evolution Centre

The preservation and growth of our human capital is the core tenet of DAKS’ culture. To that effect we established the DAKS Evolution Centre in 2001 to provide customized training for our personnel. These in-house development programs consistently enrich our employees. 

The DAKS Evolution Centre provides customized training covering :

  • Quality Control and Assurance 
    – To understand the fundamentals for achieving maximum customer satisfaction, this course covers the fundamentals of quality management, benchmarking methods and monitoring processes for consistent quality assurance. 
  • Merchandising 
    – To understand how to provide value to retailers via their product mix and keeping in mind the brand identity, business functions and constraints. 
  • Production Management 
    – Includes on-the-job training to gain a comprehensive understanding on planning, organizing, directing and controlling the production process. 
  • Sustainability in 2020
    – A fundamental course on understanding the importance and execution of sustainable innovation in the textile industry. The course covers an understanding of sustainability as a dynamic concept that can be introduced across each aspect of the production process. 

DAKS Suggestion Boxes

In order to make our workers feel more comfortable about their voice being heard, over 20 suggestion boxes are placed across each factory including washrooms. The suggestion boxes are a means for workers to anonymously communicate about improvements they would want to see in their workplace. Moreover the keys to these boxes are only held by our CEO to make sure that all messages are sent through to him.

Incentive for Workers’ Children

Initiated in 2009, the Incentive Program is a way of recognising and supporting our workers’ children who perform well in their education. The students who perform well are given recognition in our annual day ceremony as well as scholarships to help their education along.


Everyday From 3:50-4:00pm, all DAKS factories and offices power down and centre themselves with a mid-day meditation. This practice has proved extremely successful in boosting morale as well as productivity. 


Our working mothers asked for a place in the factory for their young ones to spend the day. That led to the building of a nursery- a definite favourite amongst our special projects!

Medical Rooms

In our on-site clinic, a doctor is always available to always help with any immediate problems or provide general consultations to our workers. 

Faith Wall

The All Faiths wall in our factory proudly displays our respect for and belief in the equality of all religions.

At DAKS, we believe that we have an equal responsibility over the product that is going out of the organisation as to the people working inside the organisation. We showcase our commitment to excellence by fuelling investments in our people as much as our product. 

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