Packaging in the New Normal 

Throughout the pandemic, the packaging industry has displayed fairly resilient behaviour. However, as the global economy recovers from the initial economic and humanitarian shocks of the pandemic, it is becoming increasingly clear that the disturbances to the supply chain, the consumer experience and increase in nearshoring are going to have a long-term impact on the industry. The industry at large is typically in line with the GDP, as the major sectors it feeds -food, beverages and pharmaceuticals – provide for essential needs. However, the non-essential areas of packaging, such as luxury, fashion and apparel are experiencing a major reformation in almost all areas of activity. 

It is clear that shifting consumer lifestyles will be dictating key shifts within the global supply chain. The consumer journey has been greatly upended within the larger physical retail experience as social distancing and conscious hygiene practices are becoming the norm.  As consumer touchpoints are being reimagined across the board, brands are amplifying their presence on their digital addresses. 

In such times, the tactile becomes important. The scarcity of tactile touchpoints is inversely proportional to their significance and impact on the consumer.  As packaging remains one of the last (and often the only) tactile consumer experiences, it is increasingly important for brands and manufacturers to consider the need for a confluence of technology, innovation and creativity across the value chain. 

The DAKS Assurance 

At DAKS, it is our strategic imperative to help our stakeholders navigate these increasingly complex times. As the second-order effects of the Covid 19 crisis roll in and acceleration towards e-commerce increases we offer the collective synergies of our multiple production units to address the shifting needs of our clients. 

Over the course of the pandemic we placed a sharp focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of our workers, especially the ones on the factory floor. Our offices and factories haven’t reported even a single case, the result of strict measures enforced to prevent a Covid -19 outbreak. Moreover, our focus on technological acceleration has continued even in the midst of this global crisis. We have consistently been introducing technology to support our efforts to minimize exposure as well as the impact of the virus on our production. Our commitment to speed and the agility of our teams are equipped to deliver – even in the midst of a pandemic.

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