The coronavirus pandemic has upended our lives irreversibly. At DAKS we understand that systems across the value chain have been impacted in previously inconceivable ways. 

To help our clients, personnel and other stakeholders across the value chain navigate this crisis, we have undertaken a series of measures that will enable us to act responsibly and efficiently in our current pace of “returning to normal”. 

Social Distancing and Sanitization

Every morning our personnel begins to line up in front of the gate with the requisite 6 ft distance to get their check-up. Each personnel is required to use a motion sensing sanitizer dispenser before their temperatures are checked with touchless infrared thermometers. All personnel is then required to walk through a sanitization tunnel that uses sodium hypochlorite to disinfect them. 

Social Distancing is also followed at each handwash station which is marked with indicators to maintain 2 meters of distance between any two individuals. 

Alarm System 

We use an alarm system to alert employees in 45 minute intervals to sanitize their hands. WHO approved alcohol-based liquid sanitizers with 70% alcohol content are used across all factories and offices. Foot operated sanitizer dispensers are placed across factory floors and offices for touchless hand sanitization. 

Lunch Area

Each table in our lunch area is marked with indicators to follow a Sit-1-Skip-1 seating arrangement which allows only two individuals to sit on a six seater table to maintain physical distancing. 

Factory Sanitization Processes

We use cold fogging at 8:30 am before starting factory operations for the day. The process uses and invisible disinfectant particle via fogging which is efficient in controlling and sanitizing surfaces. 

We use a special disinfectant sanitization process every two hours for sanitization and personal hygiene purposes. 

We also use sodium hypochlorite sprays thrice a day and thermal fogging at 5:30 pm after shutting down operations for the day. 

Government Approved Equipment and Processes 

We use government approved PPE kits for sanitization and clear the workforce from the area before beginning the sanitization process. We have also introduced multiple tea breaks for the same. A proper disposal process is followed when disposing of PPE kits. 

Our contactless production floor set up takes into account physical distancing of at least 2 meters between any two individuals and using alternate workstations to that effect. Masks are mandatory at all times for everyone. 

COVID-19 Taskforce 

COVID-19 help desks have been set up in all DAKS’ factories for information and on-the-spot query resolution related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Specialist Doctors

We have doctors on site to conduct check up sessions with our workers. We also conduct weekly sessions on informational updates and policy changes as precautionary steps against Covid -19. Masks have been distributed to all workers and their families. We also conduct psychological health care activities to boost the morale of our employees. 

COVID-19 Relief Program 

Due to the scarcity of basic requirements, we initiated a Covid 19 relief program where packaged food and snacks were distributed to workers and their families. 

After months of taking these measures and upholding these protocols we are proud to say that no cases have emerged thus far from the DAKS factory floors as well as our offices. This is a true testament to the efforts of our team that has ensured that DAKS is a positive and safe work environment.

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