While the world stood still and the Global Pandemic locked us down, yet again, we were better prepared this time.
We made sure we had proper measures in place to ensure the safety of our workers.
We stepped up and manufactured various types of medical gears for our factory workers and medical staff at hospitals.
With the resurgence of the coronavirus in April, DAKS factories stepped up their measures.
While we were following certain measures already, such as regular sanitation, regular temperature checks, social distancing, etc., taking the correct approach became our priority.
We felt we had a huge responsibility towards our country and our workers.
Keeping this in mind, we manufactured various types of medical gears such as PPE kits, 3-ply face masks, shoe cover, etc.
We distributed face masks and shields to all our workers and their families to help them be safe during the second wave of the pandemic.
We made sure all our factory workers were being fully protected while they were working at the factory.
Due to the scarcity of basic requirements, we initiated a COVID-19 relief program where packaged goods and snacks were distributed for the workers and their families.

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